ALPORT: Mont La Salle Port Wine [4 (3-Litre) Bottles Per Case]

ALPORT: Mont La Salle Port Wine [4 (3-Litre) Bottles Per Case]

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Ruby red color, naturally sweet with a rich bouquet (18% alcohol by volume).

Mont La Salle is the oldest continuing producer of altar wine, making wines since 1882.  Mont La Salle altar wines are made in strict accordance with Canon Law 924:3 which states “wine must be natural wine of the grape and not corrupt.”  This Means that the wine must be substantially pure, natural juice obtained from the pressing of the cultivated grape, the fruit of the vine, fermented to an alcohol content of not less than 5% and not more than 18%.  To be labeled “sacramental wine,” the product must be approved by the bishop of the vineyard’s diocese.  Mont La Salle has current approval by the Most Reverened John T. Steinbock, Bishop of Fresno.

This wine is for sacramental purposes only.